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Jonathan Feldschuh: Dynamic Equilibrium

Curated by Fran Kaufman

September 14 - December 14, 2021

1GAP Gallery

Particles #75 (Ghost Particle), Acrylic on Mylar, 42"x54", 2021

This exhibition at 1GAP Gallery in Brooklyn features 3 large-scale paintings of the Hadron Collider at CERN, notably called the “gothic cathedral of the 20th century” by physicist Victor Weisskopf. These paintings are drawn in pencil and acrylic washes on both sides of translucent mylar, radiating light and fusing “organic and inorganic structures, articulating chance patterns with drawn lines." The scale of the paintings is an homage to the dramatic CinemaScope format used in the Hollywood epics of his childhood, highlighting the ongoing drama of the high-speed interactions taking place inside the collider. Work from Particles depicts Jonathan’s interpretation of the moment of impact among these tiny unseen particles, giving us a window into an invisible universe. Often painted on both sides of mylar, Particles captures the intensity of these high-energy collisions, persuasively using the language of pure abstraction and a palette that is intuitive, deeply personal and often unexpected. These works allow us entry into a world that exists both around us and within us, the unseen basis of all we know and experience. (From the catalogue essay.)


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