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A sampling of projects produced by Kaufman Vardy Projects



  • Developed and curated three exhibitions at 1GAP Gallery including solos for Johnathan Feldschuh  and Claire Seidl and a group show entitled Wit and Vigor. (2021-2022)

  • Extending the Line, a series of 3 exhibitions, examined contemporary geometric abstraction. During Art Basel Miami Beach it was paired with a Group Zero show; at a Baltimore, MD gallery the show featured 3D-based works, including pieces commissioned for the exhibition by Jong Oh and Cordy Ryman.

  • Silver Linings explored of the use of silver and its meanings and illusions through the work of 9 artists, including Andy Warhol, Dove Bradshaw and Robert Indiana.

  • Men in Suits (group show, fall 2016) focuses on implications of conformity and its expectations, featuring work by Frederick Brown, David Kramer, Magali Nougarede and Andy Warhol.

  • To Photograph a Stranger paired the poems of Pier Paolo Pasolini with the work of photographer Frank Dituri at C. Grimaldis Gallery in Baltimore and Bid Art Space in Italy.



  • Essay for Aga pi-frescia, which explored the relationship between Pier Paolo Pasolini poetry and the photographs of Frank Dituri.  Published by C. Grimaldis Gallery and Stephen F. Austin University, Nacogdoches, TX.  Accompanied the exhibition To Photograph a Stranger.  

  • Catalog esssay for Dynamic Equilibrium, exploring the work of Jonathan Feldschuh. 

  • Catalog essay for Linda Schrank’s 2015 show at the Fondazione Piero della Francesca in Sansepolcro, Italy.

  • Catalog essay for Light/Licht/Lumière, an exhibition in Baltimore featuring François Morellet, Erwin Reidl, among others.

  • Catalog essay for Unquiet Territories on the work of Cheryl Goldsleger at the Morris Museum, Augusta, Georgia.François Morellet, Erwin Reidl, among others.

  • Proposals for art fair participation on behalf of gallery clients, in addition to press releases and website content for various gallery, artist and institutional clients. 



  • Provide strategic, practical and curatorial advice to gallery and institutional clients.

  • Consulted on the marketing of the William John Kennedy photographic portfolio, produced by KIWI Arts group to benefit The Warhol Museum.  Projects included the launch party at the Versace mansion during Art Basel 2014, and participation in the Armory Show and Expo Chicago 

  • Collaborated on the production of the film Taylor and Ultra on the 60s, The Factory and Being a Warhol Superstar, one of the short documentaries selected by the Tribeca Film Festival, 2016

  • Provide strategic, practical and curatorial advice to gallery and institutional clients.



  • Moderated a panel at Rutgers University on the rich legacy of sculptor Liu Shiming which included John Yau and Tamara Sears. (2023)

  • Conceived and moderated a panel at The Bronx Museum that looked at the growing voice of small arts institutions, featuring Tom Finkelpearl among others.

  • Often speak to museums, universities and arts groups on art world issues, most recently at NYU School of the Arts, the Morris Museum in Augusta, Georgia, the Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD) and Looking at Art, Houston, TX.

  • Developed a 6-part series on Andy Warhol and his world at Site/109 featuring authorities such as Eric Shiner, Judd Tully and Thomas Crow.




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