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New York Art Week 2016

wedding dress on fire escape in NYC, March 2016

Where else can you walk down the street and see a tattered wedding dress hanging from the fire escape? A bit surreal but perfect for another whirlwind visit of the NYC art shows -- Armory, Volta, ADAA, Pulse, Art on Paper, etc -- and especially some awesome private collections and galleries. Lots of chatter (á la Ben Genocchio and Jerry Saltz at the Armory) about the future of the art fairs, the art market, the fate of artists these days. Those of us who enjoy both the business and the pleasure of art know that the market will always change, adapt, go up, go down....but no one wants to give up the thrill of looking at so much art with the hope of finding that one discovery that can change our lives forever. It may be about money to some, to others it's about feeding the soul.

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