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Year-end in Miami

Three weeks have passed since an unusually rainy Miami Art Week. An overabundance of fairs, people, traffic--yet still as dazzling as always to all the senses. Now we settle into our winter (too hot, with temps in the '80s every day!) and the day to day cultural life around Miami hums at a steady and exciting pace. I've finally had time to visit some of the galleries that have migrated from Wynwood to the Little River/Little Haiti neighborhoods. Though it's not a walking trek, parking is easy and the new spaces are anything but cookie-cutter. I especially enjoyed Anthony Spinello's new cavernous, sprawling space which hosted a fantastic group show. Though Wynwood may be losing many of its most innovative galleries, there is still life and energy there to be enjoyed by all, especially with a constant flow of new restaurants and retail shops. Miami evolves almost too quickly, which makes it fun to be at the center of such a wild time. Looking forward to 2016!

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