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neon art at Armory NY 2016

Based in Manhattan and Miami, KVP focuses on these special areas of expertise: curatorial, programming, writing and strategic marketing for the arts.


These are a few traits that our clients can always expect from us:


  • We listen carefully

  • We provide honest feedback and practical direction

  • We help our clients assess and achieve their goals

  • We are highly organized, discreet and dependable

  • We pay attention to details

  • We value integrity and express it in all our work


Our clients often benefit from working with both partners, bringing together our complementary skills, knowledge, style and many years of combined experience in the art business. While we work internationally and travel whenever feasible, we are equally comfortable communicating via phone and email.

KVP values the close relationships we develop with our clients, whether we work together on a single project or over several years. We collaborate on a wide range of projects, concepts and events, tapping into our extensive network of art world contacts and experience.


Feel free to contact us to explore ways we can work with you, or to seek advice on a specific project or transaction.


Isaac Julien at YoungArts Miami
Art on Paper NY 2016
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